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Boilers of Pensotti Quality Heating Boilers and Panel Radiators

Cast Iron Boilers - DK2 Series


Pensotti manufactures and distributes highly efficient oil-fired and gas-fired boilers that are clean-burning and safe.


Ideal for new construction, heating system upgrades, conversions or in-floor heating, our state-of-the-art boilers meet the highest performance standards and are backed by one of the best warranties in the business.


Wall-Hung Boilers


Pensotti offers a comprehensive range of wall hung gas boilers for domestic heating purposes.


Our line of wall mounted condensing gas boilers offers a smart combination of cost-saving and environmental-friendly features thanks to the use of cutting-edge technology. Equipped with highly efficient, stainless steel, condensing heat exchangers, they help save energy while reducing emissions.


Under the same product category, discover our line of wall mounted non-condensing gas boilers, which provides an economical solution for traditional heating systems.

Source: http://www.pensottiboiler.com

Heimdal Online Security: 10 Ways to Help Our Parents With Online Security


My parents are bright, intelligent people, curious to explore how modern stuff works. They quickly adopted all kind of new technologies into their lifestyle. They have more than 20 years of experience working on PCs, they own top of the line smartphones and smart TVs. They started using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram than most of my (same-age) friends. They aren’t scared of ordering stuff online, or using services like Uber and AirBnB.


However, when it comes to privacy and security they have huge gaps.


They are aware that the digital world has its risks, but they can be easily deceived. It’s difficult for them to realize how close they are to losing money or sensitive data.


They can’t tell the difference between important and optional security steps. They also can’t distinguish between essential information and one that only has a commercial purpose.


And I completely get it: with the avalanche of existent information, I often feel overwhelmed myself.


My guess would be that your parents fall under the same vulnerable category. It’s important that we help them understand the basics of online security and create healthy digital habits.



Our parents have poor basic security habits


1.They think they have nothing worth the cybercrooks’ interest.


No? Really? What about any work documents? No contracts attached to past emails? Any information they wouldn’t want to be public? No credit cards pins saved in text drafts on desktop? No online shopping on websites that stored credit card details?


How you can help:


Open their eyes. Compile together a list of all their online information assets. Take every account they have: emails (both work and personal), social network profiles, financial accounts, etc.


List everything they have on those accounts, from work documents, photos, personal messages or sensitive information, such as credit cards PINs, passwords or social security number.


Ask them to imagine how much it would cost if they lost that information, was deleted, stolen or leaked online. According to this, have them note how valuable each information is.


You can also have them follow our free, action-ready security plan.


2.They have bad passwords habits.


They set passwords that are easy to guess – it’s usually their kids’ names, birth dates or pets’ names. Most likely, this kind of information can be found on social networks, such as Facebook profiles, where they are willingly sharing it. This makes cyber criminals’ jobs easier: they only need to glance over the social accounts profiles to find out possible passwords combinations or answers to security questions.


They use the same password everywhere. They don’t take their time to create different passwords for each and every account; they only recycle the same password. And they don’t even think about changing it every few months.


They write their passwords and PIN codes on a paper that they keep in their office desk or in a mail draft. Or worse, in their wallet, next to their credit / debit cards.


READ... They use some of the worst passwords.

Source: http://heimdalsecurity.com/blog/ways-to-help-parents-with-online-security

Crosby Corporation: Minimizing Risks in Taking out Loans

Taking out a loan can be risky business as it fraught with many stringent conditions that cannot be left to perfunctory or shallow reading off promotional materials. A lending company can provide service that helps a prospective borrower understand the conditions of the loan and avoid being scammed. However, the best way to assure a stress-free and risk-free path to acquiring a loan is through the assistance of an experienced loan consultant, such as Crosby Corporation.


Here are some benefits derived from hiring a loan consultant:


  1. Avoid high interest rate loans


Companies like Crosby Corp. protect clients from acquiring or purchasing loans that have onerous rates but disguised as friendly, affordable loans. It will require looking into all the hidden costs and other fees to determine the final cost of a loan. A professional loan risk assessment is needed to help prospective borrowers to avoid getting into a disastrous financial commitment.


  1. Minimize risks of possible non-compliance


The possibility of non-compliance to certain loan provisions can cause a company’s project to falter or even flop, leading to loss of revenue and so much disruption to its overall operations. Such requirements as additional collaterals to cover additional loans due to increases in material or labor costs and other contingency expenses can put a great burden on a project’s capability to keep afloat. Loan counselors can aid borrowers in clearing the way toward minimizing such risks and avoid mortgage fraud.


  1. Evaluate risk due to loan rescission


The possibility of a loan being rescinded due to default on payments or diminished collateral value to cover the loan can be a real risk for any borrower. Hence, before entering into an agreement, a borrower needs to assess the chances of a loan rescission with the help of a professional loan counselor. Threshing out the details of a client’s financial capability to take out a loan and determining all the actual and possible costs that will be incurred all goes into assuring the borrower that the risk is eliminated.   


  1. Determine consumer disclosure accuracy


Moreover, a prospective borrower needs the reassurance that a lender is transparent as far as loan requirements are concerned. Any hidden costs, clauses and added provisions can stall a client’s project at mid-stream. Broad experience and expertise pertaining to lender normal procedures as well as their “abnormal” practices can spell the difference between a good loan and a bad loan.


  1. Evaluate agency compliance guidelines


Compliance to agency stipulations in relation to loans can deter many interested borrowers or even cause them to increase the risk of failing to close a loan agreement. Crosby Corp. has the capability to assist its clients avoid that risk through proper fulfillment of those requirements in a professional and prompt manner.  


Minimizing or reducing these risks involved in acquiring a loan can provide better chances for a client to improve his business.

Source: http://tomruscha05.blogspot.com/2016/07/crosby-corporation-minimizing-risks-in.html